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22 December 2020 @ 03:13 am
Here be hooli's doll journal. Posts are almost exclusively an RP of any one of the kids (defined in the subject).

New friends always welcome!
23 August 2006 @ 01:19 pm
6 things, times three. For three different voices. (I need a group icon x_x) ~Hooli

- My favourite breakfast/lunch/dinner are cookies with milk.
- I love plaaaaanes :o
- I have the greatest respect for ladies, never fear.
- I fear the passing of time.. I don't ever want to change.
- Silence gives me the creeps, so I fidget and bullshit and stuff.
- I want to do crazy things like bungee jump and ride rollercoasters.

- I'm not fond of the sun.
- I like coffee and anything with coffee.
- Sometimes I try to write, but I don't show my writing to people. Perhaps one day I'll be convinced.
- I like atmospheres that are quiet and calm. *glare at Lewis*
- I usually don't talk unless I'm talked to.
- I much prefer to watch than be the watched.

- I have a lot of funny dreams! Nico says I should write them down for him.
- I like to be happy, I think other people will be happy too because I am happy.
- I hug things when I think they are nice to hug.
- I get real scared when I see a lot of people I dunno all at once.
- I make little songs up in my head when there's nothing else to do.
- Nico says Lewis thinks too much of the future, Lewis says Nico thinks too much about the past. I like best to think about today because it's happening now, I like that.
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30 July 2006 @ 10:12 pm
I feel obliged to tell a little of what we have been up to the past 10 months.

- uncomfortable journey to Malaysia for a 3-month stay. I was disappointed that we did not really go anywhere but to Comic Fiesta and one Sunway Pyramid dollmeet. (COMPLAINT: Mom is a lazy bum.)
- Lewis got to go to Singapore to spend New Year and meet resin people under the care of sfsakana, saharasnow and er.. I think someone called Maya.
- uncomfortable journey back to Melbourne! Another uneventful few months until Mom decided to bring us up to stay with vergil_kun.
- Then it was a two-week stay at bankevair's VeryBerry HQ and a dollmeet in the rain.

And so far we have seen two seasons of GitS, and the whole of FF12.

I think Lewis and Julyan are liking the TV a lot more than the AM news radio channel Hooli listens to all the time now, and this is why I'm doing the telling here instead of them. :P
30 July 2006 @ 12:39 am
This journal has been quiet after I put some things aside to pull several pieces of real life together. It has taken longer than I thought it would.

Here is an official I'm Back post to say that the boys are happy and still kicking each other under the table; they have recently moved to stay with vergil_kun.

I think, however, the most significant change for them is that they get to watch a lot of TV these days. :D

Also GIP:

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01 October 2005 @ 02:25 am
...but I need not describe to you the horror that is vergil_kun prancing about in Sylvester's little lacy frock. WTHHHHH


I can't believe Julyan LIKES it.

Mom, fix that guitar already, you've found your Superglue haven't you.

((Ahahaha hiatus. Still on hiatus. Will return. ~Hooli))
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24 September 2005 @ 12:55 am

But will get myself uptown by lunchtime tomorrow. Might or might not be at Manifest on Sunday but will be in town nevertheless.

See ya guys? Doll people? Oztaku people? Misc people? Yes?

Will bring all three dolls since atticus83 tells me people wants to see them. XDDDDD Also, because I have fallen in love with Julyan all over again after a mere change of clothes and I want to show him off dammit. And if Lewis and Julyan is going Nico can't be left out (because! Nico! The oddball! Therefore closest to my heart!), so. Er.

[crossposted to hooli]
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First, a GIP!

We are SO bored you wouldn't believe... photos, 11Collapse )

These days I sit on top of Hooli's dead desk lamp, beside the monitor. I'd rather watch Hooli read, type, procrastinate and spaz by turns than tackle the mass of brain damage that is Lewis and Julyan.

Hooli drew us a few days ago - head here if you weren't watching the regular journal.

((On the mohair wigs on most (all?) of the boys in the last post - we got them through Cdream from the HK doll forum Fiene frequents. The stuff is danged cheap - about 30HKD per wig (if I haven't forgotten? it's been a long time), but rather shabby in quality. Perfect for me though! - I want to experiment, alter and restyle them, and see what I end up with. Hee. But I didn't expect the green to turn out so nice.

If anyone wants more info I can get it off Fiene, who chats with Cdream regularly..))

((I keep taking closeup shots because i like their little faces too damned much ;;___;; Please shoot ;;_______;; That, and my room is again not fit to be seen. The upside-down pic was an accidental rotation in the wrong direction, but it added to interest so I let it be.))

((I should've stuck clouds, birds and flowers all over Julyan's icon HEH, HEH, HEHEH. Never mind that now.))

((Internet is being an ass, and if anything doesn't load just let me know. It should work, but I gave up refreshing.))

ETA: Pics fixed. What the nyaaar. TT;;;;
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16 August 2005 @ 04:09 am
So. ilike_tea and atticus83 spent a couple days over at our place..
The new kiddos got done up nicely.
I thought it was rather tedious, but Hooli WANTS to do them again.
I don't get it.

Photos, crossposted from Hooli's regular LJ.Collapse )
Very rich chocolate cake. :O~~~

No time for artsy photos - perhaps that will happen another day.
The house felt too big after they left.. D:

Pimping the newcomers: _glued and vergil_kun.
Remy, don't you dare lay a finger on them. :E

((ETA: pics fixed. *kicks server* Will attend to flist tomorrow. @@))
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15 August 2005 @ 03:43 am
Ohgod. Faceup party was more like, ps2 AND faceup party. Good times. Also completely tired out. Pictures coming soon.


Meme, ganked from bloodscent.

Doll PersonalitiesCollapse )

Meanwhile: uni is still kicking my butt. Please forgive D:
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Teasers specially for ilike_tea and atticus83, says Hooli. ♥ I was there watching! :D

We let the newcomers out for a bit, to check for accidents, but of course there was none. They are all back in their bags now, waiting for the weekend, when everyone will come together and have a major faceup party.

Snaps, tenCollapse )

Meanwhile, poor Zephyrus, he broke his pinky finger and we still don't know how it happened. Fiene was very sorry. This kinda thing hardly happens does it? *nervous* Thankfully we had extra hands around and fixed him immediately. TT_TT

By the way - Zephyrus is wearing one of the mohair wigs the girls got through cdream. Cheap, but not very well-made. Hooli doesn't mind, because she just wants to experiment and she can feel less guilty when she wants to alter them.

Last Saturday, Fiene brought Sylvester and Zephyrus to meet two HK doll owners living in Melbourne.. each with a Heath XD See pics here. Gay jokes, much. (I am afraid they are all corrupted females..) http://www.simpleblythe.com/colourfulforum/viewthread.php?fpage=1&tid=5729

Thank you for reading :)
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